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Gandharva Veda music is the eternal music of nature - the rhythms and melodies of nature expressed as music. If you could hear the changing frequencies present at the first awakening of the dawn, in the dynamism of midday, or in the deep silence of midnight, you would be hearing the frequencies of Gandharva Veda music.


These sublime melodies - the pure and simple coherent flow of sound - neutralise stress and disharmony, and gently restore biological rhythms by attuning the physiology to the cycles of nature.

Each Gandharva Veda melody (Raga) traces the vibrations and pattern of a particular time of day. When you play a melody during the specified time period, it creates a natural balance and harmony in your awareness and in the environment; and through the particular quality (Rasa) of each Raga, characteristics such as greater courage, self-confidence, wisdom, and happiness are enlivened.

History of Gandharva Veda Music

Thousands of years ago in India, great Rishis or sages cognised within their own consciousness the subtle rhythms and enlightening melodies of the Veda, which is pure knowledge at the basis of Nature. As a part of the Veda, Gandharva Veda is the tradition of musical performance that replicates the vibrations of Nature at different times of day and night. However, over time the completeness of knowledge and purpose of this music was lost.


In 1986, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi inaugurated his Programme to Create World Peace, introducing the theme of creating balance in Nature and peace in the world through the performance of Gandharva Veda music. Under Maharishi's guidance, many of India's most renowned musicians have joined in this world-wide revival of the eternal music of nature. Today, Gandharva Veda musicians continue to perform in concerts around the year, around the world.

'Gandharva music is universal. It is at home with every land, with every man, with every society. It is the language of bliss, the science and art of bliss, the song of Nature.'


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