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Vedic Science

Ayur-Veda is the world's oldest, most perfect, and most comprehensive system of natural medicine. Ayur-Veda originated in the Vedic Civilization of ancient India and is officially recognized by the World Health Organization.

Maharishi Ayur-Veda, Maharishi's Vedic Approach to Health, and Maharishi Vedic Medicine represent the modern restoration by Maharishi of the complete and authentic practice of Ayur-Veda as recorded in the Vedic Texts.

Maharishi has organized the thousands-of-years-old scattered Vedic Literature into a perfect science and has revealed that Veda and its literature is not a collection of ancient books or man-made philosophies, but rather is infinite knowledge with infinite organizing power. Its source is the most fundamental level of Nature's intelligence, identified by quantum physicists as the Unified Field of Natural Law, which Maharishi has brought to light as the Unified Field of Consciousness.

The Unified Field of Consciousness is an infinite field of pure intelligence—'one unbounded ocean of consciousness in motion', moving within itself, creating a dynamic structure within its eternal silence. This structure is vibrancy of Supreme Intelligence in the form of sound, expressing itself in the forms and phenomena of the universe throughout all eternity of time and space. It is these sounds that are the most basic value of the Laws of Nature administering creation.

The discovery of the Unified Field of Consciousness and its structuring dynamics within every man represents the most significant finding of our time—indeed of any time—for as Maharishi points out, through proper use of the sounds of the Veda and Vedic Literature, the total potential of Natural Law and the total potential of human life is available to us.

Maharishi's Technologies of Consciousness:
Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme

Maharishi's Vedic Science includes technologies to bring individual and collective life in harmony with Natural Law and raise every area of life to perfection. Foremost among these is Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme including Yogic Flying—the most direct way for the fulfilment of the supreme philosophy of life, where the individual lives life in enlightenment and breathes life in Cosmic Reality.

This profound technology enables the awareness to effortlessly and naturally settle to its least excited state, the transcendental field underlying all of creation—and thereby to actualize the highest Vedic ideals of life. Over 600 scientific studies, conducted during the past forty years at more than 200 independent research institutions in 30 countries, validate the immense benefits of Maharishi Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme for the individual and all areas of society, including health, education, business, industry, rehabilitation, defence, agriculture, and government.

'Now, if progress in science is to continue, research has to be in the field of consciousness, the field of pure subjectivity, and the approach has to be subjective or self-referral. My Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme offers that desirable subjective approach to research in the field of consciousness, the field of pure subjectivity, the self-referral Unified Field of Natural Law, whose scope ranges from point to infinity'.
'Infinite is the scope of possibilities for everyone individually, and every nation collectively, through my Vedic Science and Technology, which is the science and technology of the self-interacting dynamics of consciousness—the Science and Technology of the Constitution of the Universe.'