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Maharishi Vastu Effect

Bringing the Support of Natural Law to the Whole Population

The Principle of the Meissner Effect from Quantum Physics verifies that the inner coherence and harmony of a system expels disturbing influences. This explains how the order, harmony, and good fortune (support of Natural Law), generated by an ideal Vastu, disallows the penetration of any harmful, negative influence.

Meissner Effect
An Example of Invincibility in the Quantum Physics of Superconductivity
Maharishi Vastu Effect
An Example of Invincibility through the Establishment of an Ideal Vastu
Ordinary Conductor

In an ordinary electrical conductor, incoherent, disordered electrons allow penetration by an external magnetic field.


In a superconductor, coherent collective functioning of the electrons spontaneously excludes an external magnetic field, and maintains impenetrable status.

Ordinary City

In an ordinary city roads are running in all directions, resulting in the improper, or distorted, orientation of buildings, which leads to chaos, problems, and violations of Natural Law in individual life and in society.

Ideal City

In an Ideal City with an ideal Vastu - ideal orientation of buildings - all roads run North/South, East/West, creating cross ventilation and enriching city life with the evolutionary power of Natural Law - creating order, harmony, and coherence.

The Maharishi Vastu Effect is an example of the coherence and invincibility created through the establishment of an ideal Vastu. This is described in the ancient literature of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda, which maintains that, by virtue of the internal orderly structure of the Vastu, all negative influences have to remain at the outskirts of the city* - beyond the Vastu demarcation-creating the ground for ideal, harmonious living conditions in accord with Natural Law for the fortunate residents of that city.

The Maharishi Vastu Effect not only prevents any negative influence penetrating the Vastu of any building, town, or city, but in the case of the individual living in an ideal Vastu, the self-repair mechanism of his own physiology is not disturbed or diminished; its orderly functioning is maintained.

Thus the phenomenon of the Maharishi Vastu Effect, which corresponds to the Meissner Effect** in Physics, presents the need for the complete reconstruction of India and the whole world, for all localities to be really healthy on a permanent basis.

* In the case of a building, beyond the boundaries of its Vastu demarcation.

** This example of invincibility is not unique to the Meissner Effect; parallel phenomena of invincibility can be found in many aspects of the physical and biological sciences. In each case, it is found that the ability of the system to resist disorder is always based on the coherent collective functioning of all its components.

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Maharishi Vastu Effect
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Reconstruction of the Whole World
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